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What People Say About The Fisher King Center

Please note: The benefits of these treatments may vary from person to person.

What a week, the whole team of people that worked with us were excellent. Michael's bodywork was very good . Became so much more aware of my body, an education through experience. I never imagined the filth I have been carrying around inside me, what a joyous feeling to release it all. Thank you to Araura for making the colonics comfortable and informative, Fiona for her intuitive bodywork (and food, more later). I've lost ¾ stone in weight and feel fantastic. The food on the last day, prepared by Fiona, was the BEST meal I've ever had. Thank you. Everything was taken care of for us and the space made available for us was totally harmonious. A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.

Rick Lockwood

I came to you feeling extremely tired and bloated; one week later I am more awake and less bloated. The mixture of bodywork I received helped me both physically and emotionally; I now feel able to deal with things/situations which I previously felt insurmountable.

Sarah Green

Throughout the week I was treated with such care and understanding but it was never intrusive. I felt completely at ease and had complete confidence in Michael who was directing my programme. I cannot overestimate my respect and gratitude for the people at the Fisher King. They possess a rare perception and intuition, and clearly take great joy in their work.

Serena Buchan

I wanted to write and thank you for your sincere commitment to my real needs and recovery.

Rosamund Bennett

I was filled with trepidation but these feelings were completely laid to rest as soon as I walked through the door. It felt such a special place; the immediate feelings of acceptance and compassion were overwhelming and persisted throughout. The seven days were a turning point in my life.

Martyn G. Sutton

It is impossible for me to put into words the immense feelings of joy, love and well-being I experienced. I only know that I received a great deal more than I expected or even contemplated.

Frances Zammitt

I enjoyed my week with you all. I found the Intestinal Cleanse went a lot deeper than I expected. In those deep places I was given all the support and nurturing I needed. Thank you. I recommend this programme with all my heart. It has been very well researched and carried out. My doctor was amazed when she saw how happy and healthy I look. I'll never forget it!

Greville Davies

All the methods in the past have been short term fixes this time I feel refurbished. Thank you all for the love, support, time and energy that you gave. It is truly immense and priceless.

Dennis Rule

The glow of the Fisher King Centre still warms me as I remember the care and loving professional insight into my physical, emotional, intellectual and, yes, spiritual needs. Several weeks later, I continue to enjoy improvement in my day-to-day life as I follow the centre's practical advice and my own new-found inner voice. My purpose in life is more clearly defined. It's as if a load has been dropped, or lifted, leaving me a more centred, peaceful man. Words just can't express my true gratitude.

Scott Ewing

I have really appreciated the clean feel of the space offered, which I reflectively feel inside as I leave. There is an obvious passion being lived out here, an attention to detail and a thorough expertise which whilst much space is given (and appreciated) there is a feeling of being held which allowed me to trust fully in the process and therefore open to a complete physical purification and ultimately transformation. Many thanks and blessings on your work in service of all those to come.

With Love, Elahn

Many thanks to everyone for your skill and support at a very tough time for me. am going away 10 lbs lighter and also lighter in every sense. Still much hard work ahead to get really healthy but this is a fantastic start. Bless you, with love.


Feeling this good is almost indescribable. I can't thank you all enough for this memorable week. You've inspired me and given me the strength to continue with the new start to my life. I hope that whatever I end up creating or doing means that I am contributing something meaningful and valuable to the world as you all are. You may not have seen the back of me yet.


This week has been a truly inspiring and spiritually uplifting experience for me. I arrived with anticipation and slight nervousness knowing there was a great deal of blockage and pain inside of me. My trust and intuition rewarded me as I couldn't have found a more caring, gentle and spiritually aware group of people to assist me in this transformative period of my life. Michael, thank you for your incredible bodywork, constant emotional relief, generosity of spirit amazing stories and for sharing your music. I hope we have the chance to make music together in the future. Fiona, your warm smile was always so reassuring .Thanks for your wonderful reflexology and listening/helping pinpoint key areas of fragility within myself. I'm sure the breathing book will be a great help for me. Araura, no one in the world could have made the colonics as bearable as you did. The time flew by and your gentle approach and invaluable advice was greatly appreciated. I could have talked with you for hours! The house has an indescribable energy which is completely calming for the heart. I felt at home all along and more and more centred as each day passed. Lisa and I were so fortunate to be blessed with your healing skills. This was a week I shall never forget and will always cherish. I have been sensitively initiated into what I feel is a life changing experience and I cannot thank you enough for your support and guidance. The levitated water, trampoline, slant board, saunas, Alice Coltrane, reading material, corn chowder the list goes on. Muchas gracias!! I am also so happy you had the chance to meet my family. I certainly hope we will see you someday in Andalucia. With much love and warmth.


Having spent many years with bowel and candida problems, have had colonics and done liver cleanses with only temporary relief, I was delighted to come to the Fisher King Centre where the whole programme has been so beneficial to me. The whole week has been magical, such a caring and loving atmosphere. Going home 10 lbs lighter is a bonus. The detailed case history taken, nutritional support and advice to match same is wonderful. With sincere thanks.

Ann Kelly

What a fantastic week. I expected it to be one of deep hunger and feeling like hell the exact opposite happened. I never felt hungry, I kept feeling better each day and the only scary bit was what came out from inside me. The bodywork was great the colonics were brilliant. The surrounding country is beautiful, I intend to come back nearer to summer, the walking is wonderful. Thank you so much for welcoming me into your home, for giving me space (which I crave) and for sharing your vast knowledge with me. I will see you again I have no doubt.


Well, what can I say! Only Anna-Concepta is reborn. I am a real experience of a new life. It's just begun. Many, many thanks for all your understanding through my very difficult times. It's very much appreciated. God bless you all. Michael you are a rock. With much, much love and light in my heart. Fiona, you helped me put my past in perspective. Thank you for all of the laughter.


This week's detox (and I mean a proper detox and not the crap you read about) has been a real experience. It has truly motivated me to make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to my life, to get me to where I have to go. Thanks to the whole team.


I can't thank you enough for all of your help, support and understanding this week. When I came here I felt complete despair at the state of my body and had no idea how I could move forward. You have helped me to feel, not only physically better, but much more positive that I will regain my health. I now feel back in control of my life and feel I have the tools to help me to soar. It truly is an incredible gift that you offer to people here. A big heartfelt thank you. You shall always be in my heart. With love and respect.


I've not been educated and inspired with such compassion truly transforming, I feel nurtured and uplifted on so many levels. Thank you with love and respect (let's lobby for this in our schools).


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