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Water Purification Products

Purification with "Structured Matrix" technology - a unique system by which contaminants are removed. "Structured Matrix" is independently certified to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's rigorous Microbiological Standard from Drinking Water Purifiers, and removes pathogenic cysts, disease bacteria and viruses. Environmentally friendly, it works without electricity or chemicals. No more bottled water means no more waste and storage issues and long-term cost savings.

Perfect for Campers, Cottages & Boats rnFlow rate 1.9 L per min. Capacity 1,900LNature Pure Ultra Fine Pu

Nature Pure Ultra Fine Pu

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Suitable for separate drinking water source.rnFlow rate 3.8 L per min. Capacity 3,800 LSeagull 1V X 1F

Seagull 1V X 1F

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Suitable for separate drinking water source.rnFlow rate 7.6 L per min. Capacity 7,600 LSeagull 1V X-2KF (CA)

Seagull 1V X-2KF (CA)

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Installed Directly to Fresh Water Supply Lines.rnFlow rate 23 L per min. Capacity 23,000 L.Seagull 1V X6

Seagull 1V X6

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Whole house system rnFlow rate100 L per min. Capacity 114,000 LSpark-L-Pure Micro filtr

Spark-L-Pure Micro filtr

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Easy 'Pump & Drink' operation (pour water into the top of the unit, pump and drink!)rn Flow rate 0.5g per min Capacity 475 LTrav-L Pure Water Purifie

Trav-L Pure Water Purifie

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Suitable for outdoor water source, streams etc;rnFlow rate 1.7 L per min. Capacity 1,000 pintsFirst Need (Deluxe) Porta

First Need (Deluxe) Porta

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AADEX 2002 & 2001 Winner. The ADEX Awards sponsored by Design Journal Magazine are given annually to products "exhibiting superior design based on form, functionality and style". ADEX stands for Awards for Design Excellence and is the "largest and most prestigious" awards competition for furnishings in the architecture and design industry.SEAGUL IV  removes the following contaminants-Water-borne, enteric disease bacteria, Entamoeba, Giardia and other cysts
Parasitic tapeworms and protozoa
Cl TOE, POB and other chlorinated 2 hydrocarbons and chlorine
Pesticides, herbicides and other organic chemicals Asbestos, fibreglass and other fibres
Sediment, dirt, rust, scale and microscopic particles Radioactive fallout
ContaminantInput concentration % Removed
Fecal bacteria1,190,000/litre99.99%
Cholera bacteria 2,229,000/litre99.99%
Typhoid fever bacteria1,800,000/litre99.99%
E. coli bacteria  350,000,000/litre99.99%
Chlorine.5 to 55mg/litre   99.99%
H2S  .2 to 03 mg/litre 99.99%
Methylene blue dye25 gms/1 000 gal99.99%
AsbestosExtremely heavy 99.99%
TCE 400 PPB99.99%
Arsenic  100 PPB**
Cadmium  100 PPB**
Lead  100 PPB   **
Mercury   100 PPB    **
Methyl mercury   100 PPB    **
Turbidity126mg per litre **
Colour   5 points   **
Giardia cysts   113,000/500 gal  **
  ** = None detected  

Although only 99.99% removal is indicated, much greater reduction or complete removal within the detection procedure was achieved.

Important: These data are furnished as documented results from specific testing and generally regarded as indicative of the effectiveness to be expected from the SEAGULL IV drinking water purifier but are not specific claims of performance.