Cleansing for Change

6 Day Detox Retreat in Glastonbury

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Hi All (Michael and Fiona). A humungous thank you to you all. My time here has been inspirational. I came here feeling exhausted, fuzzy headed and lethargic and am leaving feeling as if I could run a marathon! My vitality and zest for life has returned. You have helped me re-examine my life and my purpose to the point where I have a clearer focus and have much more clarity in what I wish to do. Michael you have given me so much, your compassion, warmth, patience and love is boundless a true blessing from God. Araura you're an angel. Fiona, thank you for your passion and wonderful glowing smile. You have such positive energy! Thank you all again.


In the pursuit of an ultra healthy mind and body I have tried countless experiments, courses, bodywork, eating plans and health farms. The results were minimal and short lived due to being performed on my toxic bowel/system. I was searching for the thing that would make the difference to my health and my eyes have been opened to how the bowel affects everything! This place was like a dream I've had but couldn't find it. It enabled me to reach into those dark places and let go in a gentle and supportive environment at my own pace and with all the information I needed. Thank you so much Michael for your knowledge, kindness and humour. For giving so wholeheartedly of yourself and your numerous skills. Thank you Araura for helping me let go of what I was holding onto in your patient loving way. Thank you Fiona for your openness and intuitive reflexology that opened up some feelings I didn't even know were way down there. I really look forward to learning more from you in July when I return for some food preparation advice. I would also like to say thanks to Mark who made this journey a little more fun and being able to talk to someone who was going through the cleanse with me and see mirrored in him how I felt was enlightening.


Dear Friends. This is my second time and it gets better every time! Thanks and lots of love.

Dr Zarmina Penner

It is Saturday and I am flying. Glowing inside and out. I feel lighter, cleaner and fresher than I have done for years. Feel like partying! The week has been tough but so worth it. Many thanks to Michael and Fiona for guiding us through in such a kind manner.

Trish Atkinson

Just when the caterpillar thought it was going to die it turned into a butterfly. Thank you for my fluttering wings.

Betty Soldi

Before coming here I was experiencing lots of fear and trepidation of what may happen. That disappeared quickly as I was welcomed into the beautiful energy of this home.I say home because this space is more than a centre, it held me in a place of warmth and acceptance while I let go on many levels. Michael, Fiona, Araura, Dawn and Sam supported the whole process lovingly, gently and knowledgeably. It has helped me in many ways, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. I have witnessed many acts of kindness and selflessness that have inspired me deeply. Thank you also to David who shared the process with me.


Living a less than pure lifestyle I was apprehensive about this week of starvation and colonics! As soon as we arrived I knew it was going to be great. Araura's fantastic bedside manner, Michael's wisdom, hands off guidance and hands on body work were fantastic. Everyone here is excellent at what they do and they do it with love. It has been a fascinating experience, gives me a new perspective and a wholistic care for my life's ills. Thank you all so much for everything.


I can sincerely say that this has been the best money I've ever spent on myself in a long time. Thanks very much to every one.


Michael, you provided me with a sanctuary. You have enriched my life in a way I never thought possible. You accepted me for who I really am. I am deeply touched by the love I felt from Fiona, Araura and Old Chinese! Words will never convey my appreciation for the help I received from everyone. You have helped me on my journey Michael, my friend. Bless you all.


Michael, you've gathered together a fantastic team of therapists, they are all really lovely. . You've done a fantastic job in creating this place. Thanks for everything.


I've not been educated and inspired with such compassion – truly transforming, I feel nurtured and uplifted on so many levels. Thank you with love and respect (let's lobby for this in our schools).


Feeling this good is almost indescribable. I can't thank you all enough for this memorable week. You've inspired me and given me the strength to continue with the new start to my life. I hope that whatever I end up creating or doing means that I am contributing something meaningful and valuable to the world as you all are. You may not have seen the back of me yet.


Thank you for your love, support, kindness, wisdom, compassion and humour. For the first time I have experienced a therapeutic process that really gets to the root causes – eliminating those old toxins allows for release from old patterns, hurts and thought processes, leaving me feeling light, consolidated and revitalised. The future certainly looks brighter and more inviting when released from the baggage of the past. As for the present, well I laugh a lot more, and find even the challenges are less challenging. You are a notable manifestation of love in action and the world is a better place for the healing gifts you bring to it.


Thank you for all your compassion, understanding and support. Also the sense of humour that prevails throughout – a light relief from the heavy stuff that is being eliminated! My aches and pains in my legs and arms have completely gone. I feel lighter and much more sprightly. I have also enjoyed the stimulating conversations and debates. Food for thought and much more thought about food intake from now on. Thank you all. It's been hell but much closer to heaven now!


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