Cleansing for Change

6 Day Detox Retreat in Glastonbury

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A Week in the Life of Our Detox Retreat

The cleanse at the Fisher King Centre begins on a Sunday night at 8pm and goes through to the following Saturday lunchtime at 1pm, during which time our aim is to remove long standing compacted matter in both the small and large intestines, dealing with parasites and fungal overgrowths accordingly. The process involves a no solids regime of cleansing drinks, psyllium husks and another drink of cider vinegar and honey alternating with freshly juiced organic vegetables, supplements and essential fatty acids. Although there are no solids on this programme until the end, hunger is averted due to the bulking nature of the cleansing drinks whilst the juices and supplements provide plenty of energy and nutrition.

Parallel to the drinks regime there is a treatment schedule comprising colon hydrotherapy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, daily bodywork consisting of deep tissue massage, reflexology, thai massage, shiatsu, head, neck and shoulder massage. On Tuesday afternoon there is a discussion about your case history from which we evolve a personalised diet plan which is delivered to you in both verbal and written form on the Saturday morning before you leave. Thursday is reserved for a Yoga session in the morning and optional life path readings in the afternoon. During the week we also get to work on detoxifying the lymphatic system as well as restoring the skin as a vital organ of elimination, this is done via lymph drainage massage, skin brushing, trampoline, sauna and inversion table. Retoning of abdominal organs on the inversion table is also recommended. On Saturday clients receive an appropriate breakfast and lunch made with non-animal, organic ingredients. At the end of the cleanse pro-biotics are provided to clients beginning the process of restoring the bacterial ecology of the intestinal tract.

The Cleansing Retreat Programme Schedule

Day A.M. P.M.
Sunday Arrive 8pm
One hour discussion of programme
First set of cleansing drinks taken
Sauna and inversion table demonstrated
Iris photo taken
Monday Deep Tissue Massage Colonic Irrigation
Tuesday Reflexology Iris Examination
Wednesday Shiatsu/Thai Massage Colonic Irrigation
Thursday Yoga  
Colonic Irrigation and Shiatsu
Saturday Breakfast Nutritional Consultation Lunch/Departure

Please note: The benefits of these treatments may vary from person to person.