Cleansing for Change

6 Day Detox Retreat in Glastonbury

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Britain's longest established detoxification retreat in Glastonbury, and award winners for services to the health industry offers continuous six-day residential programmes for cleansing the colon and lymphatic system.

To welcome change is to befriend the unknown, but change requires a willingness to upgrade both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of our core energy resources. Effective cleansing is the means by which energy potentials are reclaimed and deployed at the cutting edge of life. Deep cleansing helps to release us from stress, grief and trauma as well as untenable mental and emotional positions that needlessly consume life force. Much of our psychological edifice is built on and reinforced by toxicity originating from compacted impacted matter in the colon and other biological systems.

All bedrooms have submicron air purifier/ionizers and hypoallergenic bedding.

Detox Retreat Price £950Aerial View of Glastonbury's Detox Retreat Intestinal TractDetoxification for Healthy Eating Pilates and Yoga for Healthy Change

Aims of the Cleansing Retreat

The 6 day retreats are run by experienced qualified therapists who will achieve for clients the following results:

  • Removal of long-standing compacted mucoidal plaque from the digestive tract leading to improved gut chemistry, nutritional absorption and digestive efficiency
  • Reduction of parasites, fungal overgrowths and candida albicans
  • Repopulation of intestinal flora with 'state-of-the-art' probiotics for optimal digestion and immune support
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Weight Loss
  • Retoning of abdominal organs
  • Cellular regeneration through hydration with 'low surface tension water'

For £1150 the detox retreat provides

  • Individual accommodation in comfortable, peaceful surroundings situated on an ancient site close to nature
  • Colon hydrotherapy (three practitioner administered treatments )
  • Shiatsu, reflexology, thai, deep tissue massage (four treatments)
  • Iridology assessment
  • Quality supplements/cleansing preparations
  • Fresh, organic vegetable juices with essential OMEGA 3
  • Nutritional and dietary consultancy
  • Purified, low surface tension water
  • Sauna and far-infrared sauna, trampoline, inversion table and vibrapower disc
  • Yoga session with qualified teacher
  • Maximum of 4 clients per week ensuring personalised individual attention
  • Bookings throughout the year including Christmas and New Year. Bookings start Sunday night at 8pm until Saturday lunchtime at 1pm
Detox Retreat Price £1150

Why Cleanse

What to do when things go wrong with digestion and elimination

£1150 inclusive of all treatments and accommodation

Programme Schedule

About Colonics

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Detox Retreat Price £950

Please note: The benefits of these treatments may vary from person to person.